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I’ve heard a lot of opinions on whether Yoga is or was traditionally a Hindu practice, and I think both sides of the argument are equally flawed.  I think it’s impossible to practice yoga without feeling its spiritual benefits…but spirituality is very individual and how you practice your yoga (or religion) should be very personal, so how can one religious philosophy impose itself on yoga?

My general feeling is that yoga should be, and feel, accessible to anyone, so I’m very turned off by anyone trying to stake claim over it.  No one should feel that by practicing yoga they may be going outside of their own personal religious beliefs. 

The link above is from a recent NPR article.  What do you think?

Click on the link above for an interesting read from this month’s Vanity Fair on the new and controversial direction of Ashtanga.   Whose yoga is it, anyways?  It’s mine and it’s yours, and it’s ever evolving to adapt to the needs and desires of those who practice it.

Which yoga dvds would you recommend?

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It really depends on where you are at in your practice and what you’re looking for.  Tara Stiles has some great DVDs called “Yoga Anywhere” which can be found on Amazon and are taught in her usual down-to-earth and straightforward style.  Her youtube channel is also a great resource…and free!  There are also several other great online sources such as yogaglo.com which cater to lots of styles and “skill levels” and also offer monthly subscriptions to hundreds of videos.

DVDs and online videos are great resource, but nothing beats attending a class and getting in person attention and inspiration from those around you!

Happy yoga-ing!

How I cured my common cold.

After weeks of hosting and entertaining almost every night, my body rebelled on Monday in the form of a full-on head cold.   Stuffy, sneezy, and congested up to my eyeballs I was determined to fight the good fight and get rid of this germ, asap.

Never one to take being sick lying down (literally), pre-yoga Chelsea would have most likely carried on about her business pretending as though she were not sick, ignoring her body’s cry of battle, thereby making her more sick.  It’s a vicious cycle. 

I’m just not very good at being ill.  But, whether using brute strength to force yourself into poses your body isn’t ready for, or pretending as though you’re invincible and not effected by sickness, you’ll find yourself in the same place: uncomfortable and feeling stupid. For shame!

So, how do we avoid discomfort and stupidity? We listen to our bodies and drink lots of green juice!

It’s a whole new world post-yoga.  I fought the good fight alright, but in a way that was also conducive to getting well.  Sinu-Cleanse, a saline sinus flush, is my new best friend.  Add to that lots of tea, orange-carrot-ginger juices, all greens juices, and a nice sweaty vinyasa class and I was on my way to restored health.

The common, annoying, cold (according to Wikipedia) usually lasts between 7 and 10 days.  With a solid regimen of sleeping well, drinking lots of liquids, and practicing yoga to sweat out the toxins, I cured mine in 2. 

Catching my drift tumblr drifters?

Chilean Sea Bass Ratatouille en Papillote!

So, so, easy…and so SOOOO delicious! This will leave you feeling light and satisfied.  I substituted Black Cod (which is a little tough to find) with Chilean Sea Bass (you can use any white fish) and served mine with a side of yummy couscous and pine nuts.  Check out the recipe here!