Diary of a Wannabe Yogi

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Turn that frown upside down!

Last week, while not much of a productive blogging week, was indeed full of exhilarating and challenging yoga.  I discovered my new routine at YogaWorks with a great mix of mellow and intense classes, as well as a bit of Pilates to work on my mostly neglected core.  The joys of being back at a studio that offers a great variety for my ADD self…

All that core work was great preparation for the inversion and arm balance workshop I took on Saturday at Strala with Heidi Kristoffer (yes, I do still love Strala and all of their awesome instructors, regardless of moving back to YogaWorks and being seduced by their showers, towel service, and three amazing studios).  Heidi is a pro-frown-turner-upside-downer, literally and figuratively.  She flies through inversions with joy and ease and manages to crack a joke all at the same time. 

Her workshop was focused on taking opportunities in your daily practice for an inversion or arm balance and as with most classes at Strala, our group was mixed with beginners and long-time practitioners alike.  We all felt comfortable no matter what level we were at.   We fired up our cores, loosened our spines, and flew into handstands with and without the wall. 

The most beneficial takeaway for me was learning to become more conscious of the action in my core needed to lift and stabilize myself in inversions.  It’s still very much a work in progress, but one that I at least feel more informed in practicing.  Even a simple hop from down-dog to a forward fold is an opportunity to practice that action and give my core a little workout. 

Thanks for your smiles and instruction Heidi Kristoffer!  You can find our more about when and where she teaches here and can even follow her cute blog on all things vegan here.